For #MEAwarenessMonth (May 2021) I wanted to give something back to the amazing M.E. Community so I came up with the idea of creating scenes within Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) for people with M.E.

I feel it’s really important to recognise that people living with this illness are missing out on so many aspects of their normal life. The scenes I create in ACNH show the things that are important to people with ME (#pwME); both in their lives before they fell ill, and the things that bring them comfort now.

I’m happy to create a scene for anyone with M.E. who would like one (nothing required in return!). Please fill out your details on my Contact form and I will be in touch – just to find out a little bit about you, so I can design your personalised picture!

A collage of pictures of a dog in various locations
This collage was created for @MEFoggyDog as a thank you for working so hard to raise M.E. Awareness

Foggy Dog is a ‘globetrotting adventurer’ who is busy raising awareness about M.E. around the globe. You can find out more about Foggy Dog here.

A dog by three pyramids
A dog by a pagoda
Four dogs walk across a zebra crossing
A dog on a ski slope
A dog in front of the Northern Lights
A dog and a Moai Statue
A dog outside a temple ruin
A dog on an iceberg
A dog by the Leaning Tower of Pisa
A dog in front of a boxing ring
A dog at the beach
A dog on a pirate ship
A dog on the moon
Foggy's Friend Visits the Pyramids
Foggy's Friend visits a Chinese Pagoda
Foggy's Friends Visit Abbey Road
Foggy's Friend Goes Ski-ing
Foggy's Friend Visits The Northern Lights
Foggy's Friend Visits A Moai Statue
Foggy's Friend Visits a Temple in the Jungle
Foggy's Friend Visits The Icebergs
Foggy's Friend Visits the Leaning Tower of Pisa
Foggy's Friend Goes To A Boxing Match
Foggy's Friend Visits A Tropical Island
Foggy's Friend Has An Adventure On A Pirate Ship
Foggy's Friend Visits The Moon
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I created a series of scenes in ACNH that show Foggy Dog’s friends helping Foggy with his globetrotting adventures.

A woman dancing in a club and drinking coffee with friends
Going Out – Created for Sally

Sally told me that she used to love getting dressed up (in jeans and heels or party dresses) and socialising. She enjoyed clubbing, spending time with friends, having coffee, shopping, going on rugby away days and was ‘always out’. Sally describes these pre-M.E. times as ‘Great times sadly missed.’

The Blue Sunday Tea Party for M.E.

I created the above scene as a surprise for Anna Redshaw, the amazing lady who came up with the idea of holding the Blue Sunday Tea Party for M.E. The scene shows Anna wearing a blue dress (which I designed based on a dress I have seen Anna wearing in photos of a previous Blue Sunday). Anna is surrounded by a number of Animal Crossing villagers who are celebrating Blue Sunday in their own way – one is in bed, another is sitting on a sofa, two are in wheelchairs and two are having a video chat; hopefully this captures the spirit of accessibility and inclusion. All the villagers are wearing blue. The kettle, cups and teapots are blue and there is a blue mug with an M.E. Awareness custom design. On the wall there are three guinea pig pictures (my own custom designs): meet Anna’s special friends Juanita, Rowan and Delores.

A scene made in ACNH showing a person surrounded by the things in life that are important to him
Doing Good – Created for Phil

I created this scene for Phil (my first ever Twitter follower!) who introduced me to the M.E. Community on social media. Phil is a big Liverpool Football Club fan who misses going to the gym. He loves fish and adores his dog, who is a Shih-poo. Phil likes to help people and is an advocate who volunteers at The Paul Lavelle Foundation, a male domestic abuse charity. Phil is a family man who loves movies; especially Star Wars and Chewbacca… The Liver Bird, Shih-poo, PLF Advocate and Chewbacca t-shirt are all my own custom designs, made especially for this scene.

A person sits in a doctor's waiting room looking forlorn
Waiting for Answers – Created for Cal @tweetercal

Cal asked for a scene including an acoustic guitar, a football and a bottle (or in the scene – a barrel!) of rum. The stag symbolises Lymes Disease and the AED sign (Automated Exterior Difibrillator) is in reference to the fact that Cal’s had three heart attacks! Cal also liked the idea of a missing doctor (hence the skeleton and doctors coat, with no doctor!). He spent a lot of time at various medical appointments waiting for answers and M.E. is not yet fully understood, hence the forlorn look on his face in the scene. I also added an unfinished jigsaw puzzle to the scene for extra symbolism.

A scene in ACNH showing a person doing yoga on the beach
Yoga On The Beach – Created for Jules

The above scene was created for Jules who misses yoga on the beach…

A scene made in ACNH showing a person surrounded by the things in life that are important to her
Zest for Life – Created for Lisa

Lisa used to love travelling in her disco green van (custom design picture on the wall). She wanted me to include walking boots and running shoes, learning and food in her scene. She used to enjoy film photography, so I have included a Shirt With Camera. I made a cat house (umbrella illusion!) with Bruce, Lisa’s cat, inside. And I’ve tried to capture Lisa’s Italian and Scottish heritage in the scene as well.

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