Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) features a number of unlockable paths, which players can access via the NookPhone. The game also gives the option to use custom designs which is where, for many players, things start to get really interesting.

In June 2020 Japanese creator @Denim2_mori shared a custom design (see the first path design below) which is now hailed by ACNH fans as The Path. Part of the charm of The Path is that it gives a gentle nod to previous Animal Crossing games in which the grass could wear down over time, creating paths along the most popular trails. This has been perfectly captured in the worn look of The Path with its raggedy edges. I love the aesthetic of The Path and the look it creates on my Island.

Excitingly, players can also find a wide variety of custom designs that take The Path as their inspiration. I like to use Baby Grass The Path in Summer and you can also see the Snow Path variation in my Christmas custom designs. These are just a couple of examples – there are so many more besides!

It’s also fun to add designs like decking, brickwork, tree stumps, cobblestones and clover to give decoration and detail on the ground.

I used the Window design to create a tiled edge to my swimming pool – as I liked the effect it created. Not, perhaps, what the creator intended; but that’s the great thing about ACNH – anything goes!

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