June Update: New ACNH Content Added!

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I’ve taken a little breather, following M.E. Awareness Month in May, but I thought I’d write a quick post to let you know about some new additions to the Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) side of my blog site.

Following on from M.E. Awareness Month, I decided it would be good to round up my M.E. Awareness custom clothing designs, which you can view here. I really enjoyed creating these clothes and humbly putting them on display in The Able Sisters’ store. It’s the first time I’ve had a go at designing clothes in ACNH but it was a lot of fun (once I’d got the hang of it!). I’ve loved seeing the villagers on my Island randomly wearing my different outfits and a few of the villagers even came by to compliment me on my design flare, which was nice of them. Perhaps I’ll have a go at designing a few more outfits for the Summer season. Watch this space!

Eight new clothing designs on display
I’ve made eight new clothing designs for #MEAwarenessMonth

I’ve also added a new page to showcase the ACNH Scenes I created during M.E. Awareness Month. It’s important to recognise that so many people with M.E. are missing from their own lives; unable to participate in the activities they used to enjoy, due to their illness. I created the scenes in ACNH to shine a light on the people behind the illness and to highlight some of the things that people with M.E. are missing out on. It was a real privilege to chat (online) to the people I created the scenes for, and to find out a bit more about them. I was conscious that it’s a bittersweet experience, asking people to think about what their scene should represent. There is a strong sense of loss, for a life once lived; but there is also a certain comfort in re-connecting to that lost self and re-claiming some of the personal identity that M.E. has stolen. Thankfully, the scenes were greatly appreciated and brought joy to the people I created them for.

I’m feeling so uplifted thinking of yoga, the beach, my rock and happy memories

Jules who has M.E.

I also created a surprise scene for Anna Redshaw, founder of the Blue Sunday Tea Party for M.E., as a way of thanking her for sharing her inspirational event with the M.E. Community and for all her hard work in getting everything organised. The total raised by Blue Sunday 2021 now stands at a whopping £21,232.07! Truly amazing.

The other exciting update I’d like to share is something that I’ve wanted to do for a while now. I’ve added a section to celebrate the amazing ACNH Custom Design creators, whose designs have really transformed my Island. Custom designs can be accessed in ACNH via the Custom Design Portal in The Able Sisters’ store – you can search for a design within the portal itself, or enter any creator and design codes that you’ve found online.

In a brand new section of my blog, I’ve shared the creator and design codes for all of the custom designs I’ve used on my Island. The categories are:

I’ve had a little go at making some of my own designs but these people are true professionals and I’m in total awe! I’m amazed at how innovative some of the ideas are. Also keep in mind that the designs are made using a reasonably small number of pixels so there are limitations. Have a browse through the designs and I’m sure you’ll be as impressed as I am by the detail and creativity. Enjoy!

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