(Author’s narration)

Muscles powerless and drained of any charge –

You’ve been tired; but this is on another level.

Any movement, or thought, is a struggle.

Lying in the dark; sensitive to light and sound;

Guilt for not being present in the life I once had.

Illness, illness, illness… I’ve been knocked down hard by a virus I may never recover from!

Chronic Fatigue? This is so much more.

Endless symptoms

No respite

Can’t think straight

Even words have left me

Pain is a constant

Holding on each day

Alone and unsupported

Lost, trapped, deserted

Optimism is hard; but absolutely necessary

My old life has vanished; disappeared in an instant

Yet this theft is not investigated or even acknowledged

Exercise is recommended but it actually does great harm

Lack of understanding and empathy undermines my suffering

I want to get better. It’s

Time to be listened to

I need answers; for the millions who are missing.

Send help. NOW!

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